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Meet Notch: The future of assigning and paying sports officials.

We live by our mission to make official assignments and payments easier, more productive and more rewarding for everybody involved.

Make your workload as an assignor simpler, more productive and more rewarding

Sports officiating has changed, is changing and will continue to change - for the better. But, in order to do this it needs a new backbone and a system that - above all - makes your life easier as a referee assignor.

Notch seeks to become the fastest and most powerful assigning platform around the world that assignors and competitions trust and officials love to use.

Building a digital leading ecosystem

Create assigning groups and connect your referees and competition administrators with all the tools that you need to get the job done. With 120+ organizations already using Notch to streamline their official assignments, bring automation and efficiency to your assignments and payments. Spend your time developing officials rather than recruiting new ones and trying to keep them.

Who we are

Our story began out of a conversation in late 2020 within the midst of a global pandemic. When local and youth sports were taken away from us, the mission became clear: the appetite for the return of sports will be tremendous and we need a more efficient and smoother process to schedule and pay our referees.As sports leaders and friends, we've discovered you can do everything from registering players, assembling a roster, RSVP for a team training and order sports apparel. You can find local volunteers. "How do you schedule the referees?"

Meet Notch: A team with 40+ years of competition and assigning experience in youth sports.

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